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Week 15 the rest

Dallas(7-6) -7 47.5 at Tampa Bay (4-9)

The Cowboys need this one on the road to at least stay in the hunt. Freeman comes back for the Buccaneers. Felix Jones will need to step up, and please, just one field goal attempt at the end. Cowboys 28-17

Washington (4-9) +7 46.5 at NY Giants (7-6)

Big win for the Giants Sunday. The Redskins put up a good fight against New England. Likely comes down to Grossman and turnovers. Giants 26-23

Green Bay (13-0) -14 46 at Kansas City (5-8)

Not much to like about the Chiefs right now. The Packers should continue roll. Packers 31-10

New Orleans (10-3) -7 51 at Minnesota (2-11)

Surprising rushing total for the Vikings last week. I don’t see the Saints giving up that much this time. They’ll get the bye.
Saints 37-20

Seattle (6-7) +3.5 35.5 at Chicago (7-6)

Still some wild card hope for the Seahawks. The Bears can’t afford to blow another late lead. Should be close. Bears 20-16

Miami (4-9) OFF at Buffalo (5-8)

I think the Dolphis are playing better right now. The Bills are not scoring. I’ll take the visitors. Dolphins 21-17

Carolina (4-9) +6 45 at Houston (10-)

The Panthers can’t seem to hold a lead. Houston has issues, but so far they’re dealing with them. Texans 28-17

Tennessee (7-6) -6.5 41.5 at Indianapolis (0-13)

The Colts look to next year. The Titans still have hope for this one. I’ll take them. Titans 24-13

Cincinnati (7-6) -6.5 40 at St. Louis (2-11)

The Bengals have been rolling over teams with losing records. The Rams fit the profile.
Bengals 21-12

Detroit (8-5) -1 47.5 at Oakland (7-6)

The Lions should be able to handle the trip west given what they’ve got to play for. The Raoders could be dangerous  if they show up. Lions 31-23

 New England (10-3) -7 46 at Denver (7-6)

The Broncos haven’t won many low scoring games. The Patriots don’t play many, so it should all work out. Patriots 28-19

 NY Jets (8-5) +3 44 at Philadelphia (5-8)

Time for Rex and the Jets to stand up. The Eagles could be a tough out in this one. Jets 24-20

 Cleveland (4-9) +7 37 at Arizona (6-7)

A couple of late wins for the Cardinals bode well for next season. The Browns are still a work in progress, especially on offense. Cardinals 17-10

 Baltimore (10-3) -2.5 44.5 at San Diego (6-7)

Reed returns for the Ravens. The Chargers have been turning it over. They need to stop. Ravens 20-16

 Pittsburgh (10-3) OFF at San Francisco (10-3)

Looks as if San Francisco plays keep away. If they can, this should be low scoring. I’ll take the home team. Niners 16-13




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Week 15 Thursday

Jacksonville (4-9) +13.5 42 at Atlanta (8-5)

Might be the best bet of the season to date. The Jaguars have played good defense all season, tthe Falcons have strugg;ed some in the running game. I'm taking the points. Falcons 20-13
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Week 14

Cleveland (4-8) +14 38.5 at Pittsburgh (9-3)

The Browns have played decent defense all year. McCoy is auditioning for next season. The Steelers look to be there in January as usual. Steelers 21-9

 Indianapolis (0-12) +16.5 41 at Baltimore (9-3)

It’s still hard to believe how bad the Colts are without Manning. Hey, he’s just one guy right? The Ravens should have no trouble keeping pace in the division. Ravens 32-10

 Houston (9-3) -3 37.5 at Cincinnati (7-5)

The Texans keep rolling in spite of a stretch of injuries that would have kept anyone else from contending. They should handle the Bengals. Texans 24-13

 Oakland (7-5) +11 52.5 at Green Bay (12-0)

The Packers 58 second drill at the end of the Giants game was something to behold. Looked a lot like a 7-man drill. The Raiders are running out of players. Packers 38-20

 Kansas City (5-7) +9 36.5 at NY Jets (7-5)

The Chiefs surprised Chicago last week, while the Jets pulled away late in Washington. Barring injury, the Jets should prevail.
Jets 23-12

Minnesota (2-10) off Detroit(7-5)

A bit of a surprise to find this one off the board at this time. Netither team figures to improve or regress dramatically at this point. The Lions have more on offense. Lions 33-23

New Orleans (9-3) -3.5 48.5 at Tennessee (7-5)

The Titans could be sitting on a big one here. If they pull the upset, they’ll be getting cards from at least 4 NFC teams. More likely they keep it respectable. Saints 28-20

Philadelphia (4-8) +3 44 at Miami (4-8)

At some point you expect the Eagles to break out and beat someone. This may be the week. Miami has played well over the last month, but team speed favors Philly. Eagles 23-20

New England (9-3) -8 48 at Washington (4-8)

No mercy rule two weeks in a row. Brady puts the foot back on the gas in this one. Patriots 31-14

 Atlanta (7-5) -3 48 at Carolina (4-8)

The Falcons can’t afford to drop another game. The road team wins this game most years. It’ll be close, but this one goes to the visitors. Falcons 24-20

 Tampa Bay (4-8) off at Jacksonville (3-9)

Another yawner involving the Jaguars. The Buccaneers are nearly as bad when it comes to scoring points. At least they can score some. Buccaneers 19-16

 San Francisco (10-2) -4 40 at Arizona (5-7)

I don’t see this one as close as 4. Looks like a good bet to me. Niners 23-10

 Chicago (7-5) +3.5 35.5 at Denver (7-5)

Welcome to the Tebow bowl. A pair of also rans playing out the string or a couple of late-blooming Super Bowl contenders. Probably the former. Bears 23-19

 Buffalo (5-7) +6.5 47.5 at San Diego (7-5)

San Diego at 7-5 this time of year looks much better than the Bills club at the same mark. Game on Tim. Chargers 28-20

 NY Giants (6-6) +3 49 at Dallas (7-5)

We’ll see if Garrett can keep from icing his own kicker in this one. The Cowboys need it at home. Cowboys 29-22

 St. Louis (2-10) off at Seattle (5-7)

Seahawks in a laugher. Seahawks 23-9


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Week 13

Philadelphia (4-7) -3 43.5 at Seattle (4-7)

Not much of interest here. Neither team figures to be playing in January. At the end of the day Philly’s the better team. Eagles 20-17

 Tennessee (6-5) +1.5 43 at Buffalo (5-6)

The Titans should be favored in this one. The Bills showed some early form but have regressed. Take a small money line profit on this one. Titans 26-20

 Kansas City (4-7)+7 37.5 at Chicago (7-4)

The Bears lost their quarterback just as the offense was coming around. Then they lost to the Raiders. The Chiefs played Pittsburgh surprisingly close and might ruin some plans down the stretch. Not this week. Bears 29-10

 Oakland (7-4) +3 43 at Miami (3-8)

Another head scratcher on the favorite. The Dolphins have played better over the last month or so, and should have won a couple more games over that stretch. The Raiders control their division, and have Palmer coming into form on the deep ball. Another easy money line play. Raiders 23-20

 Cincinnati (7-4) +6.5 42.5 at Pittsburgh (8-3)

The Bengals get another chance to knock the Steelers off their perch atop the division. They’ll come closer, but fall short again. Steelers 22-19

 Baltimore (8-3) -6.5 38 at Cleveland (4-7)

The Ravens should take this one with a bit to spare. The Browns scored a huge 20 points last week. Not this time. Ravens 20-13

 The Jets roll on over a Redskins team that fell into a good one last out. Too much pass D for the visitors. Jets 23-19

 Atlanta (7-4) -3 38.5 at Houston (8-3)

The Texans have overcome injury all year, and are playing good defense despite losing their best player on that side. I think the Falcons let a lot of teams back in the wild card race. Texans 23-16

 Carolina (3-8) +3 47.5 at Tampa Bay (4-7)

The Panthers at 3-8 are having a better year than the Buccaneers are at 4-7. Tampa won 10 last season. Carolina takes this one. Panthers 26-23

 Detroit (7-4) +9 54.5 at New Orleans (8-3)

The Saints have a lock on their division if they just keep winning their winnable games. They’ve got a lot of weapons on offense. The Lions are hanging tough, but are by no means a playoff lock. Too much Breeze right now. Saints 38-28

 Denver (6-5) +1 37.5 at Minnesota (2-9)

Break up the Broncos. Tebow keeps them rolling to improbable wins keyed by the defense and a couple of good runs by McGahee. I don’t think they can beat the Vikings. Peterson isn’t himself, and Harvin has been picking up some points on special teams and gimmicks. That should be enough this week. Vikings 21-20

 St. Louis (2-9) +13.5 37.5 at San Francisco (9-2)

The Rams will have a hard time covering this. Special team scores have been responsible for the covers the last couple of weeks. The Niners will be watching for the return and any tricks. Niners 26-7

 Dallas (7-4) -4.5 46 at Arizona (4-7)

The Cowboys stay in control. This will likely give them a two-game lead on the Giants. Arizona won’t stand it their way. Cowboys 24-17

Green Bay (11-0) -7.5 52 at NY Giants (6-5)

After watching the meltdown to the Saints, it’s hard to believe the Giants have anyting to counter the Green Bay machine. Packers 39-20

 Indianapolis (0-11) +20.5 48 at New England (8-3)

Would have been a great night game with Manning in the lineup. Now just another yawner in a long season for the Colts. Patriots 41-10

 San Diego (4-7) -3 39.5 at Jacksonville (3-8)

The Chargers aren’t going anywhere because they can’t score. The Jaguars aren’t going anywhere because they never could score. I’ll be going to bed at halftime. Chargers 16-14



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Week 12

Green Bay (10-0) -6.5 56 at Detroit (7-3)

For the first time in years the Lions have a meaningful game on Thanksgoviing. Too bad it as to be against the Packers. Stafford’s finger isn’t doing him any favors. Even with the bounce for turkey day Detroit can’t hang. Pakcers 38 – 31

Miami (3-7) +7 44 at Dallas (6-4)

The Cowboys have tied the Giants for the division lead, and don’t appear likely to give them the lead back against the Dolphins. Miami’s been playing better the last month and could keep it close. Cowboys 24-16

San Francisco (9-1) +3 38.5 at Baltimore (7-3)

Perhaps the most interesting game of the day, if not the week. First time brothers have coached against each other as head coaches in The NFL. Next viable option will be the Ryan twins. San Francisco plays for their division and a likely first round by. Baltimore plays to stay alive for a piece of same. I think the Forty Niners offense is playing better than their Ravens counterparts. Smith has been progressing nicely of late, Flacco’s going the other way. Niners 20-17

Arizona (3-7) OFF at St. Louis (2-8)

I don’t see the little bit of confusion as to starting quarterback should have on the line on this game. Skelton proved himself a capable back up to Kolb last week. Bradford has been a disappointment to the Rams all season. The Rams stay in the Luck hunt. Cardinals 21-12

Buffalo (5-5) +8 42.5 at NY Jets (5-5)

The Jets seem to be the better of these two .500 teams right now. The Bills have been taking a nosedive for a while now. New York has been muddling along losing every other close game and every game to the Pats. Order is being restored in the NFC East.
Jets 28-20

Cleveland (4-6) +7.5 37.5 at Cincinnati (6-4)

A slip by Baltimore could leave them in a wild card fight with the Bengals. The Browns are hoping to have something of their own to say. They’ll need a bit more offense than they’ve shown to date. Green is listed as probable, and should play. If he does, advantage Cincy. Bengals 21-12

Houston (7-3) -3.5 37.5 at Jacksonville (3-7)

While I appreciate the uncertainty surrounding Leinart assuming the controls for the Texans, the gap between the Jaguars offense and Houston’s was significant to start with. Even with Houton’s injuries, they can score; the Jags can’t. Texans 30-9

Carolina (2-8) -3.5 44.5 at Indianapolis (0-10)

The Panthers blowing that huge lead at Detroit last week begins to make one wonder if they could do it again against the Colts. The Lions are still a good team in the middle of a wild-card fight. Indy is lost in the wilderness without Manning. A few years from now they might be out-of-Luck. They keep their position in the draft. Panthers 28-17

Tampa Bay (4-6) +3 43 at Tennessee (5-5)

The Buccaneers don’t appear to be that far behind the Titans. However, a look at their last common opponent, Atlanta suggests that the gap is wider on the field that it looks on paper. Consider that Chris Johnson is finally running closer to his form of the last couple of seasons and it gets even wider. Titans 26-14

Minnesota (2-8) +9.5 44 at Atlanta (6-4)

The Vikings haven’t caught a break all season. Hard to believe it would come at the expense of the Falcons. Falcons 31-16

Chicago (7-3) +4.5 41.5 at Oakland (6-4)

Too bad the Bears lost Cutler when they did. The offense was just beginning to come around, with both Williams and Barber beginning to play significant minutes expected at the start of the season. The Raiders can keep the division lead, and maintain control of their destiny with a win. Chicago keeps this respectable. Raiders 23-20

Washington (3-7) +4 37.5 at Seattle (4-6)

The Seahawks offer few things more consistent than steady rain and good latte. One of them is low scoring. The Redskins are showing some signs of offense after the switch to Grossman. Probably not going west after the OT loss to the Dallas last week. Seahawks 17-13

New England (7-3) -3 At Philadelphia (4-6)

The Eagles need to win out, starting last week to have even a mathematical hope of reaching the playoffs. The Patriots should ensure their elimination after week 12. I’m surprised the book hasn’t hung a total on it yet. Patriots 26-21

Denver (5-5) +6.5 42 At San Diego (4-6)

Time for the Chargers to heed their annual wake-up call from the rest of the AFC West. Time for Tebow and the Broncos to return to earth. Two birds with one stone in this one. Chargers 26-23

Pittsburgh (7-3) -10.5 40 at Kansas City (4-6)

Too bad for the Steelers that they can’t eliminate all of the AFC West teams. No matter what happens in this one some team from the West will soak up a playoff spot, leaving a team from the Central out. The Steelers can, however make certain that team isn’t them. Pittsburgh 28-10

NY Giants (6-4) +7 50.5 at New Orleans (7-3)

The Giants have entered the meat of their schedule, and will likely need a win to keep pace with Dallas. The Saints have even more to lose in this one. They control their division and destiny if they hold serve at home in this one. Lose and they let the Falcons back in the division and both the Giants and the Falcons back into the mix for a wild card. I think the Saints take this one. Saints 32-21

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Week 11

NY Jets (5-4) –6 40.5 at Denver (5-4)

This game could be a lot closer than people think. The Broncos have won three of four since Tebow took over, the Jets have gone the other way, leaving New England in control of the AFC East. Going west to altitude on a short week can’t be a good thing for New York. Jets 26-23

Tennessee (5-4) +6 44 at Atlanta (5-4)

Barring a hangover from the call in OT last week, the Falcons should have enough to handle the Titans on their home field. This one will be a lot closer than expected as well. Falcons 21-20

Buffalo (5-4) +2 43 at Miami (2-7)

The Bills are starting to fade, the Dolphins are beginning to look respectable. Miami probably should have won both the Denver and Giants games. I think they’ll take this one. Dolphins 22-19

Cincinnati (6-3) +7 40.5 at Baltimore (6-3)

The Bengals played well in their attempt to knock Pittsburgh off the top of the division. Now they get a chance to show the Ravens who’s second best. I love the way they’ve played to this point in the season, but experience counts for a lot in games like this. Ravens 23-17

Jacksonville (3-6) –1 35.5 at Cleveland (3-6)

The Browns missed the game winner last week. It’s probably their turn to hit it in this one. Browns 13-12

Oakland (5-4) –1 45.5 at Minnesota (2-7)

The Raiders are cruising along with a one game lead in the AFC West. If they can hang on to it they’ll make the playoffs. The Vikings are going nowhere. That beatdown Monday night was not pretty. Raiders 27-23

Carolina (2-7) +7 45.5 at Detroit (6-3)

I thought the Panthers would come off their bye ready to make some noise in the second half of the season. Instead they phoned in a stinker against Tennessee that emptied the stadium  by the third quarter. The Lions were flat against Chicago. Stafford is having issues with the injury to his throwing hand. Detroit’s defense gives them a big edge. Lions 33-17

Tampa Bay (4-5) +14 49.5 at Green Bay (9-0)

The Packers just keep rolling along. The Buccaneers are watching their playoff hopes slip away. Houston jumped on the Bucs early last week and never looked back. Packers 42-14

Dallas (5-4) -8 41.5 at Washington (3-6)

The first game between these two was a defensive struggle won by the Cowboys. Look for them to bring a lot more offense to this one. The Redskins have gone back to Grossman. He may spend a good bit of time on his back in this one. Dallas needs to win the division to make the playoffs. Cowboys 23-14

Arizona (3-6) +9.5 41.5 at San Francisco (8-1)

The 49ers have a lock on the division, and by beating the weaker teams in the NFC West will likely get a first round bye. The Cardinals took Philadelphia last week, but they’re in over their head in this one. Niners 27-14

Seattle (3-6) +2 39 at St. Louis (2-7)

The Rams scored 13 last week, edging Cleveland by a point. The Seahawks surprised the Rqvens and put 22 on the board. Seahawks 17-14

San Diego (4-5) +3.5 45 at Chicago (6-3)

The Bears have found their offense, while the Chargers continue to look for theirs. Rivers hasn’t played well all season, and Chicago’s defense will give him trouble in this game. Bears 31-21

Philadelphia (3-6) +3 47.5 at NY Giants (6-3)

Both the Giants and Eagles lost to NFC West teams last week. Vick says Philly is still in the hunt, but is one of few believers. Manning has played well this year, but the running game hasn’t been strong. Eagles 24-23

Kansas City (4-5) +14.5 47 at New England (6-3)

The Patriots are in control of their division, and the Chiefs are just the beginning of a soft remaining schedule. Patriots 31-14

 Bye: Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh



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Week 10 (continued)

Pittsburgh (6-3) -3 41.5 at Cincinnati (6-2)

Halfway home the Bengals have turned this into a three-team race. The Steelers haven’t played well on the road offensively, and are 1-3 ATS away from home. I think Andy and the gang take this one. Bengals 20-16

 Jacksonville (2-6) -3 37.5 at Indianapolis (0-9)

For what it’s worth, the Colts appear to be improving. They are still lost without Manning. The Jaguars play excellent defense, and face an offense that they figure to outscore. Jaguars 17-14

Denver (3-5) +3 41.5 at Kansas City (4-4)

The Chiefs at 0-3 had us wondering what happed to last season’s division champs. Their 4-0 run indicated they had addressed their issues and were on their way as contenders. Then they throw in a stinker against the winless Dolphins. The Broncos are 2-1 since Tebow took over, although the ground game and a meltdown by Miami were the contributing factors in the wins. This is always a tough game. I think the Chiefs bounce back. Chiefs 22-20

Buffalo (5-3) +5.5 48 at Dallas (4-4)

Dallas needs to win every game from Sunday through Thanksgiving to put themselves in a position to win the division. A wild card from the NFC East isn’t likely. Buffalo struggle against the Jets defense last week, and the Cowboys can play at that level on D. I think they hold on. Cowboys 23-20

Houston (6-3) -3 45.5 at Tampa Bay (4-4)

The Texans are playing well to this point, and will have to go some not to win the division. Tampa Bay’s loss to New Orleans has put a damper on their playoff aspirations. They’ll need more offense if they want to win this one. I don’t see where it’s coming from. Texans 24-16

Tennessee (4-4) +3 46 at Carolina (2-6)

Carolina has had two weeks to prepare for a Titans squad that’s still waiting for Chris Johnson to earn his money. The Panthers should improve their record during the second half as Newton continues to develop. Panthers 24-20

Washington (3-5) +4 37.5 at Miami (1-7)

The Dolphins got off the winless list with a good outing against Kansas City. They had good opportunities in the two games before that one, and let them get away. The Redskins look lost on offense, with no relief in sight. I think they continue to struggle. Dolphins 17-10

New Orleans (6-3) Pick 49.5 at Atlanta (5-3)

First place in the NFC South is on the line in this one. The loser will still be live for a wild card, but no guarantee of a spot. The Falcons have been running the ball well lately, which should let them shorten the game some. Always a good idea against the Saints. New Orleans has been giving up more points on the road than at home this season. I look for that trend to continue. Falcons 24-23

Detroit (6-2) +3 45.5 at Chicago (5-3)

The Bears are looking much better than they were a month ago. Cutler is spending less time on the ground and more in the pocket, Forte is running the ball, and the defense is solid. That said, I think the Lions take this one. They still have a much better offense, and I think their front 7 can control the running game. Lions 24-20

St. Louis (1-7) +2.5 37 at Cleveland (3-5)

Both teams have had trouble scoring points all season. The Browns give up fewer than do the Rams. I think form holds in this one. Browns 16-13

Arizona (2-6) +14 46.5 at Philadelphia (3-5)

It’s amusing to listen to the talking heads make their case for the Eagles to make the playoffs (win the division) at this point. They’re 3-5 for a reason. Skelton will get the start for the Cardinals. Hey, it worked last week. I don’t look for an upset in this one, but 14 is just too many. Eagles 27-17

Baltimore (6-2) -7 41 at Seattle (2-6)

The Ravens at 7-2 may not have the outright lead in the division. The Seahawks have had a way of looking better on the field than on paper all season. They still won’t cover. Ravens 23-13

NY Giants (6-2) +3.5 42.5 at San Francisco (7-1)

I think the Forty-Niners are the real deal. The Giants have been winning with late comebacks for the last month. San Fran won’t let them off the mat. Niners 24-13

New England (5-3) +1 47.5 at NY Jets (5-3)

The winner will have at least a share of first in the division, and may have the outright lead. The Patriots haven’t been the same since Belichick decided to become less dependent on Brady and the passing game. He needs to rethink that position. The Jets are looking more like the team that’s gone to the last two AFC championship games. I’ll take them at home. Jets 23-20

Minnesota (2-6) +13.5 51 at Green Bay (8-0)

The Vikings are probably the best 2-6 team we’ve seen for a while. Had they not blown some significant halftime leads early on, this might be a meaningful game. The Packers are already eyeing home filed throughout the playoffs. They roll on. Packers 35-17

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Oakland (4-4) +7 48 at San Diego (4-4)

The winner will have sole possession of first in the division, at least until Sunday. Rivers is not having a good year and Palmer is still a huge question mark. The Chargers hung 38 on the Pack in a losing cause. The Raiders gave up 38 and 299 on the ground to the Broncos. I’ll go with the home team that scored the points. Chargers 30-23

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